Bizness Invoicing Web Recurring Automated System Payments Features

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Save Costs

1.   No more paper billing

2.   No more NSF checks

3.  Collect payments immediately

4.  Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly Recurring Payments and payment collection is automatic

5. Collect payments easily from clients in other countries without the need of postage charges for paper invoices

Give Clients Easy Access To Their Bills 

1.      Clients can pay one-time payment bills in minutes.  Clients dont have to worry about automatic Recurring Payments payments since this system takes care of all that

2.      Each client gets their own private internet account to view all invoices and payments and print all reports locally

3.       All reports are in html supported by browsers world wide including windows mobile devices

Easy Setup

1.      Workflows For Easy Set Up

2.     No HTML knowledge required

3.     Web based administration

Payment Options

1.     Accept credit cards

2.     Accept PayPal

3.   PayPal and Authorize.Net eMerchant Gateways

4.     Checks, Money Orders,  and other payment options are still accepted if client does not want to use the internet for some reason

5.  World Wide Credit card processing is secure to prevent fraud

HTML Emailable Reports

1.  Email reports with the content inside the body of the email so no file attachments

2.  Reports can be filtered and printed locally

3.     Reports can be customized with number of columns to show for Desk Top version and Mobile version (Mobile version you select only the essential report columns due to screen real estate)

Customized UI Making It Your Application 

1.     Your Logo top of screen

2.     Your Logo top of reports

3.     Your custom colors

4.     Your caption at the bottom of each screen

5.  Ask about international text on screens for different languages

QuickBooks and XML Interface File Exports

       1.   QuickBooks Format to export to external accounting system

2.  XML Format  to export to external accounting system

Servers and Hosting

1.     Hosting Plan Included in Pricing

2.     Microsoft SQL – You have your own database Servers

3.     99.99% Network Up time

4.     Network Firewall Security

Privacy, Security & SSL

1.     Free SSL Protection (HTTPS)

2.     Password web based Admin

3.     Login Restrictions

4.   Session checking