Recurring Payments Benefits

There are so many benefits of this BizRAS Web Invoicing Recurring Payment System as you see below. On the left panel is an option for you to add the Web Reporting Module and actually charge your clients on a monthly basis automatically for the reporting service you provide for them. Give them the data they are asking for in the same controlled web account they have for paying their bills. Cut down on your call center calls and increase your customer satisfaction!

Bizness Inc. BizRAS Web Invoicing with Recurring Payments includes the following:

BENEFITS:  Recurring Payments.  Recurring charges are set up once and the money automatically comes off your client’s account and goes into your account on the same day of each period.   These recurring billing charges are part of a service that your provide and you set the rate.    You can have multiple recurring services rates(service plans) and each client can have one or more recurring billing service plans. Recurring billing can reoccur each:  week, 14-days, month, quarter, each 6 months or each year providing you 6 differing recurring billing intervals to cover all cases.

BENEFITS:  One-Time Charges.  You create web invoices that show up in your client’s private internet account.  One time charges are added for a client so when they log into their private web account, they are taken to a grid of all the charges due.  This makes it easy for them to click and pay by the credit card or PayPal account.

BENEFITS:  No Paper Billing.  Calculate the time, postage cost, paper costs, and longer wait for your money if you are still doing paper billing.  You could probably cost justify this BizRAS Web Invoicing product on these savings alone.

BENEFITS:  No NSF Checks.  Eliminating paper billing means eliminate checks.  This means no more NSF checks.  (Note:  For customers that do not like to use the internet (such as elderly people) you can still record monies received in this system.

BENEFITS:  Collect on time.  When invoices are due, your customer is shown those amounts immediately in his or her private web account with no delays in mailing or wrong postal addresses.  Get paid immediately on recurring billing charges since this goes automatically into your account.

BENEFITS:  Client Web Account.  Each of your clients gets their own private web account to view all invoice and payment transactions.  This account lets them pay invoices due. This account also has reports on detailed transactions as well as totals for the year for their income tax purposes.

BENEFITS:  Alerts/Admin System.  Your own private Administration System lets you see all invoices, paid and not paid, all one time billing item costs, all recurring billing service plans and even alerts.  Alerts are key indicators of things you should watch for such as actions to take on credit cards expiring, etc.

BENEFITS:   Great Reporting.  Online Invoice Reports not only for you in your Private Admin system but also for the client for them to print the report locally. It creates drill down dynamic web decision support reports that are printable from the users local printer with NO NEED for more Web Report Software since reports are standard HTML. If you click on the “Email Me This” button on the web report, you can get the exact same web report INSIDE the email with NO FILE ATTACHMENTS. This is beneficial so you wont have any attachments with your email that can be scrubbed off by someone’s virus scanning system.

Bizness Inc’s BizRAS Web Invoicing and Recurring Billing System helps you:

1. Make it easier for your clients to pay you on time!  Today more and more people are travelling looking for ways to pay their bills easier and quicker without waiting for a paper invoice that may not come to the right address.  Now you have the solution.  The BizRAS Web Invoicing and Recurring Billing System not only lets your customer pay you by credit card or PayPal from any place in the world, but gives them billing reports for them to print off on a local printer where ever they are to immediately verify their payments to you.


2. Provide Web Invoicing for one-time and recurring billing payments on-line. No more paper invoices. No more NSF checks. No more late payments. This Web Invoicing product is excellent for collecting recurring payments each month automatically through the eMerchant Gateway such as PayPal and Authorize.Net payments. This product comes in different configurations for small and large businesses.


3. Cut costs in many area such as eliminating bad debts, collecting payments on time, and eliminating paper mail outs. It is especially designed to collect recurring payments that are due on a recurring basis whether it be a monthly maintenance charge, a quarterly service charge for some internet service, a semi-yearly charge for some insurance, a yearly service charge on a magazine, a weekly rental payment, or other recurring charges like a bi-weekly payment for some contract workers . Recurring billing payments are deposited automatically into your account using the web.


4.  Interfaces to PayPal for payment collections so that all invoices are done on the web and customer payments are also done on the web. Your clients can pay you for one time charges or recurring billing charges. Recurring billing payments will automatically go into your account as recurring billing is done on the same day each month. This product produces standard HTML reports which are supported in web browsers and Windows Mobile Devices/IPhones world wide without the need for any other web reporting software. It provides XML or QuickBooks format files when posting to update your QuickBooks Accounting Software or to interface to other External Accounting Systems.